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10 Unusual People Born With Extra Body Parts

Top 10 unusual people you won’t believe exist who were born with an extra limb, face, or bizarre extra body part. We all dread having an accident where we lose a limb or are thankful that we are born with all our pieces in tact but what if you were born with a plus rather than a minus?  Thousands of ...

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Top 10 Biggest Earthquakes

Earthquakes are one of this planets many terrifying natural phenomena though they occur infrequently when they do they can be devastating. These are the top 10 Biggest Earthquakes.

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The Oldest Humans to Ever Live

Top 10 record breaking old people who are still living today. The one thing that we have continued to seek as humans is the ability to live a longer life. In these contemporary times, we are living longer than ever. This is due to the great innovations in the medical field. Before, something as simple as a cold would have ...

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Most Dangerous Photos People Have Ever Taken

top 10 dangerous selfies and pictures you won’t believe exist   We live in an age where documentation is king. Through social media, we share even menial details from our lives along with photos of moments both notable and hardly so. With this emphasis on capturing moments, there comes an accompanying desire to present oneself as more interesting and exciting ...

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Don’t you girls, who love make up get judged by all and sundry? You all love make up and everything about makeup, whether it is buying, applying or experimenting. But the world has so many different notions about women who wear makeup.   Make-up makes women appear younger by increasing the contrast between facial features and skin tone. And cosmetics ...

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