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10 Tiny Creatures That Live Inside You

10 Tiny Creatures That Live Inside You
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10 small parasites that could live inside people’s bodies

While we like to think that we’re completely clean on the outside and inside, there are tiny little bugs and parasites that manage to beat out any medication and soap and survive. It’s not fun to think about, and it gives most of us the heebie jeebies to the point where we feel an itching sensation all over our bodies and can’t get rid of it. To prevent any sort of infestation from bugs, we tend to live really clean with regular showers and washing our clothes and bedding. But despite all of our efforts, sometimes there are creatures that have built an immunity to the strongest bleach and make their way inside our bodies.
It’s hard to comprehend that in this day and age that it is possible for parasites to still be living inside of us. We would rather think that homeless people and those from history are more likely to have parasites than our society that is filled with some of best hygiene habits that we have ever known. Medical and scientific studies give us tips everyday on how to avoid dealing with parasites. But truth be told, sometimes a parasite can go through an entire life cycle and never be detected and have minimal effects on the human body. But then again, there are parasites that can make quite an impact on our quality of life and require medical intervention in order to be dealt with. Once affected by a parasite, our lives can never be the same again.

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